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Infographic – Is Integrated Patient Access for You?

Is your organization suffering from lackluster patient engagement and a disconnected staff experience? You might be able to benefit from improving a number of processes using a next-generation patient access solution.

Many healthcare organizations are experiencing multiple pressures to search for more efficient and profitable operations to stay competitive.

Improved patient access is promising to be the cure for healthcare’s looming staff shortages and burnout, missed revenue opportunities from patient churn and no-shows, and poor schedule utilization.

An efficient patient journey will have positive re-percussions on both attracting and retaining more patients, and managing cost and staff capacity better.

In this infographic check the signs that its time to re-evaluate how patients access your services, and get real-life tips resulting in loyal patients, faster patient handling, and balanced patient flow.

Download full-sized infographic.

Healee’s custom-branded patient access solution will help you attract, engage and retain more patients, while optimizing medical staff capacity, balancing workloads and eliminating gaps in patient communication.

Healee is featuring a powerful calendar management and virtual care toolset. The platform capabilities are designed to easily support hundreds of unique provider calendars at complex organizations such as primary care or mental health with multiple teams, roles, facilities, time zones, U.S. states and visit types.

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