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Healee Supports UK Doctors and Clinics with Free Telehealth Services worth GBP 2 Mln

Healee is one of the fastest growing and technologically advanced global telehealth platforms, providing doctors and clinics full control of their online consultations, via secure communication options, easy scheduling, appointment...

Pediatric Telehealth

There are many conditions that pediatricians manage, like asthma, diabetes, genetic disorders, mental health problems and more, that can be effectively handled via telemedicine. With COVID-19 still present, parents shy...

World Ovarian/Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September 2020)

September was the World Ovarian/Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Healee encourages you and your loved ones not to wait until a disease catches up with you. Get informed about Ovarian and Prostate cancer in advance and visit a specialist regularly for an annual check-up.

Interview with Assoc. Prof. Maria Staevska – Talking about Telemedicine in Allergology and the National Campaign to Combat Allergies

Allergologists like Assoc. Prof.Maria Staevska, the head of the allergology department at Aleksandrovska University Hospital make the transition to telehealth easy for patients. We appreciate her input into organizing the National campaign to combat allergies in the conditions of COVID-19 via free telemedicine consultations via Healee.

Multi-Patient Conversation Rooms and Personal Coordinator for Your Virtual Care

We are thrilled to announce the new version of Healee MD! We are dedicated to upgrade telehealth for doctors and patients alike! Check our Blog post to learn more about the new release and its additional features here.

A Successful Telehealth Practice – аn Interview with Assoc. Prof. Alexander Shinkov, MD – а Specialist in Endocrinology and Internal Medicine

Enhancing patients' health and lives with excellent care. Healee's monthly Blog post series Part II for the best-reviewed telehealth practices according to patients. This month we celebrate the dedication of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Shinkov - endocrinologist and internal medicine specialist with more than 20 years of experience.

One Successful Telehealth Practice – An Interview with the Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Ivan Lazarov

Telehealth excellence! Healee's monthly Blog post series introduce you to the best-reviewed telehealth practices according to patients.This month we thank Dr. Ivan Lazarov for his exceptional care and dedication!